Instant Driving Records from DMV*

Get instant driving records for your employees, drivers, insured’s, investigative service, etc. This is a business to business service and not for individuals.

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How does it work?

  • Click SIGN UP On average it takes just a few hours to open a MVRNOW account.
  • You will fund an escrow account with a minimum of $200.
  • Each MVR or VR Report you order will automatically deduct funds from your escrow account.
  • View the DMV Fee Chart for State fees, per transaction cost and turnaround times.
  • There are NO monthly fees.
  • There are NO hidden fees.
How it work

MVRNOW Features

Automated Payments

You will see your balance when logged in. You can fund your account instantly on your own or use the USD GoPay automated system which will fund your account automatically when you hit a balance of $50. This will save you time and comes with full reporting.

Batch MVRs Available

Upload an Excel file with hundreds or thousands of driving license records for multiple States. You can see in real time the progress and receive a notification when complete to download all driving records quickly in PDF format.

Reprint MVRs

A PDF is created with each MVR record. Simply search for your client by name, license number, plate number, VIN number and reprint the report at no additional cost.

Instant MVR Access

See our DMV Fee Chart for the list of all States available, turnaround time and cost.

license plate

Instant Registration Plate Search

Enter a VIN number or plate number and run a DMV search. Not available in all States. See the DMV Fee Chart for more details.

Easy to Read Reports

Full reporting that will show you which employee ordered the report, the date and time stamp and cost of each record. Export to a PDF or Excel File.

Admin Management

Add your employees and assign specific user rights.

Commercial Driver's License

When you order a MVR for any driver’s license number, the DMV will return if they are commercially licensed.

All 50 States Available

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Fleet Alert

Great program for Companies with many drivers where you need to keep track of any license status change. Imagine having a bus company with 100 drivers. You would want to know If your driver had their licensed REVOKED for a DWI or any violations that change the status of the license.

We Service Any Size Company

It does not matter if you are a small store front business or a major Corporation with thousands of employees and multiple locations. We can get you up and running in no time. The report feature will show you the date, time, employee or user that requested the MVR record.

Some of Our Clients Include

  • Delivery Services
  • Lawyer and Legal
  • Emergency Services
  • Moving Companies
  • Employers
  • Transportation Companies
  • Insurance Agents and Brokers
  • Insurance Companies