01. How do I sign up for a MVRNOW account?

Click here to sign up online or email ericaw@usdsoftware.com

02. How long does it typically take to open a MVRNOW account?

Normal turnaround time is 24 – 48 hours to open a MVRNOW account.

03. Are there any monthly fees?

No monthly fees. Please refer to the DMV Fee chart for the STATE Fees and transaction fee

04. Are there any minimums?

To open a MVRNOW account there is a $200 minimum escrow deposit required.

05. What are the state DMV fees for MVR and Registration reports?

Click here to view the list of State fees

06. Do I need an employee release form?

You can find and print a blank copy of the Release Form on the Main Menu of the MVRNOW Program on the Forms screen.

You can also upload the Release Form after the MVR, VIN or Plate search on the View History screen.

The completed Release Form is not required to order a MVR, VIN or Plate search, however, it must be completed and uploaded for auditing purposes for each report.

NOTE: A Employee Release Form is not required for DPPA Code 06.

Due to the Privacy Act it should be noted that an Employer requesting a MVR, VIN or Plate record should have a signed release form for each Employee. This release form should be kept on file by Employer.

07. What is Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA)?

For more info on DPPA, view here

08. What do the MVR reports include?

The data is direct from the DMV for all 50 states and includes driver license number, full name, date of birth, driving history (3 to 10 years), speeding and moving violations, chargeable accidents, DUI offenses, points on license, suspensions and revocations and medical certificate info (CDL).

09. How do I add funds to my account?

You can add funds on the Payments screen. Alternatively, our Auto take feature allows automatic replenishment from your checking account or credit card when your funds are low.

10. Can I view a sample MVR report?

Sure, click here (show PDF example of MVR report)

11. How do I apply for a California DMV Requestor Code?

The California DMV requires a requestor code to order Motor Vehicle Records. The application can be found here . When you receive your CA DMV requestor code forward to ericaw@usdsoftware.com to update your MVRNOW account

12. My company needs to order many MVRs at one time, is this possible?

Yes, our batch feature allows you to quickly order as many MVRs as needed at one time.

13. What other products do you offer?

Visit here to see our full list of services and products https://www.usdsoftware.com/usd/Products or contact our sales team today to find your solution (212) 840-5091 ext. 1005.